Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Gato dvd intro

Way back when I started getting my feet wet with video editing and computer graphics.Ranmecca and I had a sudo studio name "Gato" for our collaborated works.

These were some very fun times.It wasn't just me by myself being creative,but also Ran,who ever I was skatboading with,and even the girls that were hanging out with us put there two cents in.After the footage started stacking up,it was time to put in on a dvd,and I wanted to grab the attention of who ever was going to watch it, so I went all out on the intro with everything I thought was cool at the time.

Yeah!Sure it looks wild and crummy compared to what I would do now,but it alway good to look back and see how you got started.

I can't post all the vids from the dvd,but if you ever over on my side of town and behave yourself,I'll show em to ya.


Gato dvd intro from dwight mc carty on Vimeo.

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