Friday, October 24, 2008

Nikon D90

I'm very near to pulling the trigger on purchasing a Nikon D90.

Was waiting on Red to come out with the 2K resolution scarlet movie camera, but the industry is getting a shake it rightfully needs right now and Red cinema looks like they are working on a DSLR killer.Plus the Nikon falls in my price range of something I can use still photos for print, shoot movies with interchangeable lenses and not worry about cumbersome 35mm adapters,all in one device.
This camera will most likely cater to photojournalist so they don't have to carry around a still an a video camera,but folks are already using it to shoot movie shorts,music videos,family outing,and low light cinematography.
There are some limitation to it,but it's a good starting point to whats going come down the road.

Check out some of the movie clips on the Nikon site to see what I'm talking about.


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