Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lapping Time

Tampa,FL driving from Rylan Wright on Vimeo.

I had just purchased a Opteka MC-36b remote cord for my Nikon D90 had some free time to test it out.
Set the tripod up in the middle of the front seats, with one leg secured into the back seat so it wouldn't topple over.Shot at 1fps.
It was a real blast to edit hi resolution JPEGs.

Nikon Series E 28mm 2.8 with conversion lens in front. Sharpness is mostly in the center.

Used Blender 3d to edit and color. No cropping just reduced by 25%(1608x1068).
Music track is from Steven Soderbergh's Schizopolis.

Thank for watching.

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robert.greseth said...

Interesting video. I like the fast chopped up appearance of it. The music track goes along with it good too. I bet a sick jungle/drum and bass track would go with it as well. Or something fast paced. We need to get the old Entropy crew back together and work on some short films. I got plenty of new and old tracks to use. Man, those were the days... Word, until next time.
Rob One :)