Thursday, March 04, 2010

You win some,you lose some.

I've gotten a little bit of down time from art after completing 2 acrylic on canvas and 2 story board comic book type pages that are being hang and displayed on at Cafe hey .I learn a few thing about myself and this new world putting traditional artwork in public places.For starters never back down when you say"Yeah!I'll do some work for the festival".Don't be lazy and do it last minute unless you know that you can work good under pressure.Don't expect the patrons to help you arrange your stuff on the wall.They are already doing you a favour having you work in their fine establishment.Check your words when doing your title cards by your self,and when your done checking,proofread it again one more time for mistakes before going to print it.Yeah I stumbled throw the door on this art festival,sacrifice most of my hang out  aquatencies, as I was in my lab focusing on completing an improving my art or making money with it.But I met some new friends with similair interest and rebooted relationships with old ones.
So all in all, I gained and won more this round.
Rant over.I'll post how the art turn out soon.

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