Friday, October 16, 2009

Alchemy art

I'm feeling a lot better now.

Found a very nice vector base drawing pogrom called Alchemy that can also make art using a microphone with it.Last image I coloured in Gimp,as Alchemy is more about creating form out of chaos.


Scott said...

Dude I love these. I always think I'm a little crazy but I think it's undeniable the amount of universal images that anyone could see in chaos/fractal/symmetry art. I see these kinds of things in a lot of experimental photography/art (heads, bodies, smiles, spirit forms) and I love it. Would it be cool if I use one of them for my site's default image on the side? It's understandable if not but I think it'll look cool with my new layout

Rylan said...

They are low res,but go ahead if you want to use them for your layout.Trying to get better at using Alchemy to make fancy prints for the next Cafe Hey art show.